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Väga palju on kirjutada ettevõttest, mis on nii tegevusala suunanäitajaks kui ka alati meeletul kiirusel tegutsemas. Allpool on vaid mõned artiklid ScentAiri kohta kõige tuntumatest ja usaldusväärsematest meediaväljaannetest:

CNN: Scents on a plane: Why the aviation industry is waking up to fragrance
NBC: Meet the Scent Marketing Firm Winning the Battle for Your Nose
Fox47: The sweet smell of successful marketing using scents
PR Newswire: ScentAir, Global Scent Marketing Leader, Acquires Brandaroma, a significant player in the fast-growing market for ambient scent marketing solutions
Charlotte Magazine: Charlotte Company Uses Smell to Change Your Behavior
Business Journal: ScentAir is Enjoying the Sweet Smell of International Success
MarketWatch: These scents will make you spend more
Quartz: Why it matters if stores smell delicious
Reader’s Digest UK: Mr Aroma: Meet the Man Who Nose
ESCToday: Scented Eurovision Song Contest Installation: Magic Flower
Charlotte Agenda: Cribs: Inside ScentAir’s headquarters and production floor
The Wall Street Journal: A Whiff of ‘Welcome Home’ Dollars and scents: How companies use fragrance to keep customers coming back
BBC UK: ScentAir Featured in BBC Study Demonstrating the POWER OF SCENT!
WISH-TV: Assisted living center uses scent machines to boost residents’ moods, appetites
The Time Magazine: My Nose Made Me Buy It: How Retailers Use Smell (and Other Tricks) to Get You to Spend, Spend, Spend
PR Newswire: ScentAir, Global Scent Marketing Leader, Acquires Top UK Scent Marketing Company – Escential Limited
The Daily Mail UK: Forget coffee and fresh bread – the perfect smell to sell a house is WHITE TEA and FIG
ESPN: Rams pump cotton-candy smell in stadium
Huffington Post: WTF Is Scentscaping?
Arabian Business: Sweet smell of success: Discover the power of scent and how it can improve your sales
Fast Company: Smell The Love: How The Scent Of A Brand Creates Close Connections With Customers
The Globe and Mail: When scent crosses the ethical line
The Telegraph UK: The sweet smell of the high street
The Independent: The smell of commerce: How companies use scents to sell their products
Forbes: The Secret Weapon Luxe Hotels Use To Lure Guests In
CBS News: Stores Using Smells To Create Atmosphere, Sales
MarketWatch: The New Muzak: Scent Marketing. Companies using scent marketing say it’s the sweet smell of success
Los Angeles Times: Businesses seek olfactory identity via ‘scent branding’
Huffington Post: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee
PRWeb: Scentair Joins Premier Association of the Fragrance Industry, Leading the Way for Safe Scent Delivery Solutions
The New York Times: Aroma: The New Building Amenity
ABC News: Smells Like Profit: Scents in Stores, on Products, Makes Shoppers Buy More Want More Sales? Your Store Needs a Scent
The Times UK: Smells sell, as hard nosed traders discover
The Baltimore Sun: The smell of success
Forbes: What’s That Smell?
The National Post: Enter the maze: Ikea, Costco, other retailers know how to get you to buy more
CBS News: N.Y. grocery turns to scent marketing
Gulfshore Business: Business Scents
BuzzFeed: How Manufactured Smells Are Making People Shop Longer And Kill Better Time
Inc: Let Them Sniff, Customers Will Buy More
Tampa Bay Times: What’s the smell? The Mahaffey Theater gets a signature scent
Business Insider: Smell Of Burning Flesh Now Being Reproduced For The defence Department By Former Disney Imagineer
Wired UK: Now marketing gets sniffy
World News: ScentAir, Global Scent Marketing Leader, Acquires Top European Scent Marketing Company – Air Berger
USA Today: Just Browsing at the Mall? That’s What You Think
The Sydney Morning Herald: Making you hungry? Well, it makes scents
The Telegraph UK: How a ‘nose workout’ can unlock the power of smell
The New York Times: Business Scents: Eau de Hotel
Fast Company: Smells Like Brand Spirit